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which morphology. Because whatever our figure, we all want to display a fair look and find THE fashionable dress that highlights us, adapting our look to our line. Quickly discover our little morpho tips to guide you in your choices.

What dress for a morpho in A?

With hips wider than your shoulders, you belong to the A silhouettes.

Long dresses look great on you. They hide your curves located on the lower body. If you’re not very tall, think about putting on heels to elongate the line.

If you’re not a fan of long, you can also crack on mid-length shirt dresses, because with their V neckline, they draw attention to the upper body and put volume on the build.

What dress for a V morpho?

With shoulders wider than your hips, your silhouette is a V, in the shape of an inverted pyramid.

The straight dress is particularly indicated to rebalance your line. This is also the case of the flared dress which brings volume to the lower body. As you have rather slender legs, you can afford short dresses to create a diversion. The Vs will avoid wearing a tight dress or a pencil skirt that accentuates the funnel effect. In terms of materials, opt for fluid, airy materials.

What dress for an H silhouette?

With shoulders aligned with your hips, a slightly marked waist, you are in H.

All dresses that bring a touch of femininity are made for you, as long as they are belted. Shirt dresses, wrap dresses, wrap dresses or wrap dresses highlight your figure. Indeed, the belt creates the illusion of a waist, feminizes the look and breaks up the one-piece aspect of the silhouette. If in addition, these models are chosen in flowery patterns, it is the winning combo. Good news: fashion trends are putting flower prints back in the spotlight this season!

What dress for a morphotype in 8?

With shoulders aligned with your hips, a marked waist, even very marked, with generous curves or not, you are an 8. Good news, all types of dresses suit you. Figure 8 women are really lucky, no need to worry about what suits her or what cut to wear… everything is allowed to you.

Even in wide jeans, workwear, loose tops, you are feminine. The must for you: the strapless dress and the empire dress! They sublimate all your assets. Their necklines highlight your chest.

If you are also a fan of fashion and follow the trends, have fun: long or short dress, printed or plain, long or short sleeves, sleeveless…

The important thing is to find your style and the right model adapted to your figure!

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