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Comment porter la robe pull ?

If there is one iconic winter dress, it is the wool sweater dress. In fine or coarse knits, twisted or not, turtleneck or not, we like to take it out of the closet as soon as the first frosts come. Fashion advice: we dare high heeled boots for a feminine look, and for a more rock look, we take leather biker boots closed by laces. We do not hesitate to associate it with thick tights in the same tones, a long hooded puffer jacket and a big scarf.

You can also choose the same outfit but in Thermolactyl knit! This is the guarantee of comfortable warmth inside and out.

How to wear a party dress in winter?

Wearing a pretty dress when you receive for New Year’s Eve is easy. Hot black tights, pumps, and that’s a chic outfit in the blink of an eye.

But when you’re invited and you have to go out for Christmas or the end of year celebrations, it’s a whole different story.

We dress up, we dress up, we take out our pretty jewelry and our little evening dress… and it’s freezing. Little advice to avoid catching a cold snap that would make the year start badly: for the perfect party outfit, we pick an invisible Thermolactyl Soft 2 underwear, discreet even under close-fitting outfits, to keep the heat in . We put our pumps in a bag, we swap them for Thermolactyl stuffed boots during the trip. We choose among our most chic long coats, and we put on a soft cardigan that we take off when we arrive at our destination.

How to wear a winter dress?

While our summer dressing room is full of light dresses, short sleeves or with straps, full of colors, in fluid material, our winter dressing room is much less provided with warm dresses.

Which fashion piece to choose to have style in cool weather, even in very cold weather and to complete your wardrobe?

The ideal dresses for the season

In autumn, we allow ourselves a short dress but not too much. The knee length is a minimum and we mix dresses and jackets. The top fashion of the season? A pretty black skater dress in a beautiful chic velvet can be twisted with a leather biker jacket, biker boots, matching tights and a scarf. It’s the chic and shocking quickdraw that fashionistas love.

In winter, we prefer our long coats for more formal outings and our maxi down jackets in casual mode. The fashion misstep not to commit: the dress must not exceed the large piece, whatever it is.

We love our dresses because it’s the only item of clothing you just have to put on to be stylish. The best way to wear a dress in winter is to remember to put on Thermolactyl underwear and tights to maximize thermal comfort, so you don’t have to wear a sweater over it. We reserve our cashmere sweater or our fine wool sweater for our skirts

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