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Ruby Rings: The Ultimate Guide to Selecting and Styling

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Ruby rings are renowned for their vibrant red hue, symbolizing passion, love, and power. These striking gemstones have been coveted for centuries, adorning the fingers of royalty and fashion enthusiasts alike. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about selecting and styling ruby rings to enhance your jewelry collection and make a bold statement.

Understanding Ruby Quality

Before delving into styles and selections, it’s essential to understand the factors that determine a ruby’s quality. The value of a ruby is influenced by its color, clarity, cut, and carat weight.

  • Color: The most prized rubies exhibit a deep, vivid red, often referred to as “pigeon’s blood” red. This intense hue is highly sought after and can significantly increase the ruby’s value.
  • Clarity: While inclusions are common in rubies, fewer inclusions generally mean a higher quality stone. However, some inclusions can enhance a ruby’s overall beauty and character.
  • Cut: The cut of a ruby affects its brilliance and overall appearance. A well-cut ruby will reflect light beautifully, enhancing its natural luster.
  • Carat Weight: Larger rubies are rarer and thus more valuable. However, the other three factors should also be considered when assessing a ruby’s worth.

Types of Ruby Rings

Ruby rings come in various styles and settings, each offering a unique aesthetic. Here are some popular types to consider:

  • Solitaire Ruby Rings: These feature a single ruby as the centerpiece, emphasizing the stone’s natural beauty. Solitaire rings are timeless and elegant, making them suitable for both everyday wear and special occasions.
  • Ruby Cluster Rings: Cluster rings incorporate multiple smaller rubies arranged closely together, creating a stunning visual impact. These rings often appear larger and more dramatic, perfect for those who love a bold look.
  • Ruby Halo Rings: Halo rings feature a central ruby surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds or gemstones. This setting enhances the ruby’s brilliance and makes the ring appear more substantial. Halo engagement rings, incorporating rubies, have become increasingly popular for their unique and vibrant appeal.
  • Three-Stone Ruby Rings: These rings showcase three rubies or a combination of rubies and diamonds, symbolizing the past, present, and future. They are often chosen for their sentimental value and stunning design.
  • Vintage Ruby Rings: Vintage or antique ruby rings offer a touch of nostalgia and history. These rings often feature intricate designs and craftsmanship, making them unique and highly sought after.

Selecting the Perfect Ruby Ring

Choosing the right ruby ring involves more than just selecting a beautiful stone. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect piece:

  • Consider the Occasion: Think about where and how often you plan to wear the ring. For everyday wear, a simpler, more durable design might be best. For special occasions, you might opt for a more elaborate and eye-catching piece.
  • Match Your Personal Style: Your ruby ring should reflect your style. If you prefer classic elegance, a solitaire or halo ring might be ideal. If you love vintage charm, consider an antique design.
  • Check the Certification: Ensure the ruby you purchase comes with a certification from a reputable gemological laboratory. This certification will confirm the stone’s authenticity and quality.
  • Set a Budget: Ruby rings can vary significantly in price. Setting a budget beforehand will help narrow your choices and ensure you find a ring that offers the best value within your price range.

Styling Ruby Rings

Once you’ve selected your perfect ruby ring, it’s time to think about styling. Here are some tips to ensure your ruby ring stands out and complements your overall look:

  • Keep It Simple: Ruby rings are naturally striking. Pairing them with simple, understated jewelry allows the ruby to take center stage. For example, if you wear a bold ruby ring, opt for delicate diamond studs or a simple gold bracelet.
  • Coordinate Colors: Rubies pair beautifully with neutral colors like black, white, and beige. However, they can also complement bold colors such as emerald green and royal blue. When styling your outfit, consider how the ruby’s red hue interacts with the colors you wear.
  • Layering Rings: If you enjoy stacking rings, consider pairing your ruby ring with other gemstone or diamond bands. This creates a personalized and contemporary look. However, ensure the designs do not clash and that the ruby remains the focal point.
  • Consider the Occasion: Ruby rings can be styled differently depending on the occasion. For formal events, pair your ruby ring with a sophisticated evening dress and elegant accessories. For casual outings, a chic blouse and tailored trousers can complement the ring’s boldness without overpowering it.
  • Mix Metals Carefully: While mixing metals is a modern trend, be mindful of how different metals can affect the overall look of your ruby ring. Yellow gold enhances the ruby’s warmth, while white gold or platinum provides a cool, contrasting backdrop. Rose gold offers a romantic, vintage appeal.

Caring for Your Ruby Ring

To ensure your ruby ring remains as stunning as the day you bought it, proper care and maintenance are crucial. Here are some tips to keep your ruby ring looking its best:

  • Regular Cleaning: Clean your ruby ring regularly using a soft brush and mild soapy water. Avoid harsh chemicals, which can damage the stone and the metal setting.
  • Safe Storage: Store your ruby ring separately from other jewelry to prevent scratches. A soft pouch or a lined jewelry box is ideal.
  • Professional Check-ups: Have your ruby ring inspected by a professional jeweler periodically. They can check for any loose settings or damage and provide a thorough cleaning.
  • Avoid Impact: While rubies are durable, they can still chip or crack upon impact. Be mindful of wearing your ring during activities that could cause damage.


Ruby rings are a timeless and versatile addition to any jewelry collection. Their vibrant red hue and rich history make them a symbol of love, passion, and power. By understanding the qualities that determine a ruby’s value, selecting the right style, and properly caring for your ring, you can enjoy this stunning gemstone for years to come. Whether you choose a simple solitaire, an elaborate halo engagement ring, or a vintage piece, a ruby ring is sure to make a bold and beautiful statement.

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