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5 tips for a glowing complexion

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So that the skin does not lose its light, cleaning it is essential. Why ? Because during the day, the epidermis accumulates a certain number of residues which end up dulling the complexion. To maintain its radiance on a daily basis, Anne Clément, scientific director Dr Pierre Ricaud, strongly advises us to use a  make-up removal oil. , rich in plant active ingredients, which, thanks to its formula, encapsulates impurities and gently cleanses. To double its effectiveness, do not hesitate to use a cleansing brush, practical for stimulating micro blood circulation. Finally, twice a week, we come to smooth, sober up and soften the epidermis with a salicylic acid scrub which accelerates cell renewal.


Having a “glowing” complexion requires attention. For Anne Clément: “The key to beautiful skin is mainly to focus on hydration and light therapy, which will have the effect of swelling the cells and giving a healthy glow .” The professor therefore advises us to apply every morning a cream rich in active physiolight (an innovative complex that imitates the effects of natural light in the heart of the skin.) In addition, we come to accelerate the natural regeneration of the epidermis by using, in the evening before going to bed, a repairing serum that is applied by pressure and tapping on the face.


Let it be said: to rid the epidermis of impurities, detoxify your skin, once a month is an essential step. To do this, Anne Clément, recommends us (especially in winter) to bet on steam baths, to open the pores and evacuate the accumulated impurities. We will also opt for vitamin-enriched antioxidant creams, based on vitamins C and E, whose active ingredients limit the production of free radicals. After so much attention, the skin is beautiful, fresh, luminous and above all ready to receive the daily care that helps keep it in shape.


To bring radiance to the complexion, we must redouble our attention to what we put on our plate. Because food impacts the quality of our skin. We first favor fruits and vegetables rich in beta carotene (a major antioxidant, which acts in particular in favor of the protection of cells against free radicals and which activates the synthesis of melanin). Then we incorporate, several times a week, fish or seafood, rich in Omega 3 (an active ingredient composed of docosahexaenoic and eicosapentaenoic acids, two anti-free radicals that protect the cell walls). Add to that a good daily dose of green tea and presto, the complexion begins to regain its luminosity.


Because cell renewal takes an average of 4 to 5 weeks and care must be given time to act, make-up can be used as an alternative. Alexandre Ciancio, make-up artist Laura Mercier, recommends applying a make-up base with a “radiance” effect every morning, which will ensure perfect hold on the skin. of the foundation., while adding radiance. Then it’s time for the illuminating pen which, thanks to its fluid and moisturizing formula, is ideal for “working the triangle of light starting from the inner corner of the eye under the dark circle up to the cheekbone. A gesture that we reproduce by going down, this time, along the nasolabial fold to the corner of the lips: a dark zone which has an annoying tendency to gray the complexion”, explains Julie Andre-Vinet, director of the international DR Brandt Skincare training. All that remains is to blur the material with a beauty blender and add, on the cheekbones, the tip of the nose and the chin, a touch of highlighter in stick or powder, and presto, the trick is played.

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